Saturday, October 31, 2009

Star Health Medi Premier

Today, medical cost is very high, we can not afford medical services at the event of emergency situation. Star Health Medi Premier is specially designed to provide additional lump sum payment in case of diagnosis of certain illness/diseases during the policy term.
This Health Inscurnce is very helpful. Because diagnosis of any disease means requires a large amount of money to be paid at very short period. At this situation, this plan will help you to cover your medical expenses for major illnesses/diseases such as stroke, cancer and renal failure.
Star Health Medi Premier is available in two sections:
Section I-
It offers protection against unexpected health care requirements. It includes-
-Hospital room rent and boarding expenses, specialist fess, surgeons fees, consultant fees, anesthetists fess, nursing expenses, operation theatre charges, ICU charges, cost of medicines and drugs, oxygen, blood, diagnostic materials, cost of pacemaker, artificial limbs, etc.
-Pre hospitalization expenses up to 30 days prior to hospitalization.
-Post hospitalization expenses is calculated at a lump sum of 7% of specified hospitalization expenses(except room rent).
-Emergency ambulance charges for transporting the insured person.
Section II-
It ensures a lump sum compensation of 50% of the sum insured is provided on diagnosis of certain diseases. The expenses would be payable only till the date of diagnosis of major illness. To become eligible for a compensation, the diagnosis should be 90 days from the commencement date of the policy. In case of detection of any major illness/disease, the person must survive beyond 30 days from such a date of detection.
Any person aged between 26 years and 60 years can opt for this inscurence.
Tax Benefit-
Premium paid by cheque or credit card is eligible for tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Ta x Act,1961.

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