Thursday, October 29, 2009

Global Health Insurance

Modern technology has made our world a ‘global village’. In a short time you can travel to remote corners of the world. Wherever you travel on the globe, medical insurance is very essential because health care in foreign countries is expensive. As human beings we are prone to diseases and health ailments and these ailments are unpredictable and occur when least expected. Medical emergencies not only curtail your overseas stay but it can also ruin you financially. To avoid such financial catastrophes during medical Global Health Insurance is very crucial.
Worldwide Medical Insurance Coverage
Global Health InsurancePlans:- offer comprehensive major medical coverage in all countries including USA. Global plans are designed to the special needs of US expatriates outside USA, regular overseas travelers, United States H1B, H4 visa holders and Green Card holders, sailors and cruisers. Global Health Insurance plans offer wide-ranging medical benefits including maternity, mental health, wellness (preventive checkups) and medical evacuation. Global comprehensive plans are renewable long-term plans and have a very high limit on the maximum coverage.
Global Medical Insurance Plans
There are several plans for Global Health Insurance to cover you worldwide. Some of these include,
Atlas Professional is for Businessmen who plan their international trip last minute for business purpose can avail Atlas Professional coverage. All benefits, except Hospital Indemnity, Lost checked Luggage, Natural Disaster, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Common Carrier Accidental Death, are subject to the deductible. Limits apply to all benefits.
Global Medical Insurance
There are three plans under Global Medical Insurance such as Silver, Gold and Platinum. These insurance plans are the perfect expatriate health insurance plan for those who want coverage for a variety of medical services, but are seeking to lessen their premium costs according to their requirements.
Reside Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan is perfect for International Citizens residing in overseas nations who desire the elasticity to travel without loss of insurance coverage. Reside worldwide Insurance works very well for Missionaries, as it is a reasonable insurance solution while spending years abroad. This plan is also ideal for foreigners who do not travel, but prefer security and flexibility of a worldwide insurance plan administered in the United States.
Reside Prime Insurance offers health insurance benefits to overseas travelers, expatriates and international citizens by following the benefit plans of a US medical program. Specified amounts are payable to certain treatments only.
Global Citizen Insurance is a best worldwide long-term major medical health insurance policy. This policy is annual, renewable policy which covers for medical expenses inside and outside the US.
Citizen Secure Plan provides long-term international health and term life insurance coverage for overseas travelers.
Citizen Secure Economy is an affordable plan is specially designed to meet the requirements of citizens of all the countries.
Patriot Executive Plan is designed for both US and Non-US citizens under the age of 76. The insured can frequently travel outside of America throughout the year.
Compare Global Health Insurance:- benefits of different plans and buy the best policy that matches your requirements. Online Global Health Insurance Online purchase of global medical insurance is advisable. You can easily access different Global medical insurance quotes by several insurers (Free of cost). You can purchase the plan of your choice quickly and conveniently. Added to this, online purchase of worldwide medical insurance is time saving, productive and green.

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