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Star Health Medi Premier

Today, medical cost is very high, we can not afford medical services at the event of emergency situation. Star Health Medi Premier is specially designed to provide additional lump sum payment in case of diagnosis of certain illness/diseases during the policy term.
This Health Inscurnce is very helpful. Because diagnosis of any disease means requires a large amount of money to be paid at very short period. At this situation, this plan will help you to cover your medical expenses for major illnesses/diseases such as stroke, cancer and renal failure.
Star Health Medi Premier is available in two sections:
Section I-
It offers protection against unexpected health care requirements. It includes-
-Hospital room rent and boarding expenses, specialist fess, surgeons fees, consultant fees, anesthetists fess, nursing expenses, operation theatre charges, ICU charges, cost of medicines and drugs, oxygen, blood, diagnostic materials, cost of pacemaker, artificial limbs, etc.
-Pre hospitalization expenses up to 30 days prior to hospitalization.
-Post hospitalization expenses is calculated at a lump sum of 7% of specified hospitalization expenses(except room rent).
-Emergency ambulance charges for transporting the insured person.
Section II-
It ensures a lump sum compensation of 50% of the sum insured is provided on diagnosis of certain diseases. The expenses would be payable only till the date of diagnosis of major illness. To become eligible for a compensation, the diagnosis should be 90 days from the commencement date of the policy. In case of detection of any major illness/disease, the person must survive beyond 30 days from such a date of detection.
Any person aged between 26 years and 60 years can opt for this inscurence.
Tax Benefit-
Premium paid by cheque or credit card is eligible for tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Ta x Act,1961.

Understanding Visitor Medical Insurance

Natural calamities and pandemics are unpredictable and can happen at any time. Given the current Swine flu pandemic, it is prudent to purchase visitor medical insurance and travelers should no more consider visitor insurance as an extra expense. With affordable premiums and high medical sum assured one can travel peacefully worldwide. Emergencies occur when least anticipated and insurance coverage assists financially during these adversities. Your domestic insurance which you have through your employer, or health insurance purchased on your own is usually not applicable once you are out of your home country.
Visitors Insurance is particularly designed to suit the requirements of those who are traveling overseas for business or to see a new place or to visit loved ones. Nowadays, it is common that people reside in foreign countries for work and education and have parents or children visit them frequently.
Significance of Visitors Medical Insurance
In developed nations such as the United States or Canada health care is very expensive. Accidents and sickness do not occur with prior notice. Hospitalizations due to accidents or sudden illness can leave you with large hospital bills.
Visitors Health Insurance will ensure that hospital bills will not cripple you. If your aged parents are visiting you then visitor medical insurance is essential. Visitors insurance allows you to travel in peace.
Few tips to Buy Visitors Insurance
There are several things that the consumer should consider while buying visitors medical insurance. There are so many insurance providers to offer affordable visitors health insurance plans. Buying the best visitors insurance plan that suits your requirements is a challenge. Following are a few tips to buy visitors insurance.
Compare Visitors Insurance quotes online to contrast different coverage benefits and quotes. Compare quotes and understand the nuances of different policies before buying.
Look for Maximum Coverage
Look for Visitors Insurance Plans that have highest sum assured. Maximum sum assured for the insured depends on the insurance company he/she chooses.
Check out limitations
There are few Visitors Insurance Plans that will not cover you for adventurous activities, pre-existing conditions, preventive care...
Claims Settlement
The competence of an insurance company can be evaluated considering the history of its claims settlement.
Terms and Conditions
Every insurance company maintains its own terms and conditions. Consumers must be aware of the terms and conditions before buying.
Why online visitors medical insurance?
Buying Visitors Medical Insurance online is convenient. Different Visitors Medical Insurance Plans by prominent providers are displayed in an unbiased manner and you can make quickly purchase visitors medical insurance with the click of a few buttons.

A Real Barn Burner - Reducing Fire Risk

While the jury is still out on whether Mrs. O’Leary’s cow was the culprit behind the fire that wiped out Chicago, fire damage is a constant, somewhat overlooked threat to the agribusiness. While most people consider fire exposure to be limited to buildings and electrical equipment, there’s a significant fire threat throughout your operations. Grain fires, haystack fires, and even pasture fires can result in devastating losses to your income and product.
Not much can be done to mitigate against acts of nature – lightning strikes that cause fires, drought conditions that exacerbate chances of a fire, etc. But for many areas of the agribusiness, fire loss exposure can be reduced significantly by developing risk reduction strategies.
If you store fuel for your equipment, store it well away from any structure and make sure all brush and debris is kept clear. Also, store your fuel away from your equipment. It’s one thing to lose a tank of fuel. It’s entirely another to lose your fleet, as well.
When assessing your fire exposure, look at the construction of your buildings. Are they equipped with sprinkler systems and fire alarms? Are roofing materials tile, metal, or fiberglass and not wood? Are your buildings covered in fire-resistant materials, such as brick, stone, or concrete? To reduce your exposure to fire, eliminate as much wood construction as possible.
Other fire hazard reduction tips:
- Keep areas around your buildings clear of vegetation. Dried plants and weeds are simply fuel waiting to ignite.
- If you don’t already have it, install an emergency water supply. This reserve could save your building should a fire break out.
- Construct your driveways and access roads with emergency equipment in mind. Make sure they are wide enough to accommodate fire trucks (minimum of 12 feet wide by 15 feet long).
Check with your agribusiness insurance broker for more information on reducing your fire risk.

Take care with insurance

The days of finding a Government job and being set for life are now just some stories which are grandparent used to tell. Financial safety and security have been reduce to mere illusions and are no longer a part of a persons reality anymore. Unexpected disasters and untimely fiasco could wipe out the smile right of ones face and fill lives with worries and stress. To fight all this malice in society the ultimate and most popular solution to the problem is Insurance. Some types of insurance are universal in nature which means that anyone who has become a adult has it. One of the most popular types of insurance is Life Inscurence. Everyone who has someone they care about or in some way is dependent on them should get a life insurance policy. It is an essential part of any ones and everyones financial profile and has slowly turned into a compulsory financial instrument and some time even a means of identification.Another important insurance policy which everyone should have is Health Inscurence. This insurance should be made compulsory for everyone. With the rising medical costs and with the medicines and operations getting more and more out of reach of the common masses the only thing that will keep a common middle class individual afloat is health Insurance. For affordable medical treatment in the future this financial instrument is essential for a more safe and secure future for todays individuals.Insurance has now become a compulsory part of everyones financial portfolio and should be given more importance by every individual. No one now days can survive on a simple pension and a majority of the people just cant manage to save enough for a rainy day or even for retirement. Thus insurance makes sure that one secures their financial future while they still can and help use their money for having a more safe and secure future.
Insurance has become so essential and compulsory for every individual. This is so for various reasons some of which are given below :Convenience SafetySecuritySave MoneyEmergency solutionsComfortReduces StressInsurance is a investment for the future with it being part of of every persons retirement plan. It is a wonderful easy to use hedging tool which even the novice grasshoppers can learn to use effectively and take advantage accordingly. Insurance helps reduce stress and improve the chances of a successful financial life and a retirement where one retains their independence.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Global Health Insurance

Modern technology has made our world a ‘global village’. In a short time you can travel to remote corners of the world. Wherever you travel on the globe, medical insurance is very essential because health care in foreign countries is expensive. As human beings we are prone to diseases and health ailments and these ailments are unpredictable and occur when least expected. Medical emergencies not only curtail your overseas stay but it can also ruin you financially. To avoid such financial catastrophes during medical Global Health Insurance is very crucial.
Worldwide Medical Insurance Coverage
Global Health InsurancePlans:- offer comprehensive major medical coverage in all countries including USA. Global plans are designed to the special needs of US expatriates outside USA, regular overseas travelers, United States H1B, H4 visa holders and Green Card holders, sailors and cruisers. Global Health Insurance plans offer wide-ranging medical benefits including maternity, mental health, wellness (preventive checkups) and medical evacuation. Global comprehensive plans are renewable long-term plans and have a very high limit on the maximum coverage.
Global Medical Insurance Plans
There are several plans for Global Health Insurance to cover you worldwide. Some of these include,
Atlas Professional is for Businessmen who plan their international trip last minute for business purpose can avail Atlas Professional coverage. All benefits, except Hospital Indemnity, Lost checked Luggage, Natural Disaster, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Common Carrier Accidental Death, are subject to the deductible. Limits apply to all benefits.
Global Medical Insurance
There are three plans under Global Medical Insurance such as Silver, Gold and Platinum. These insurance plans are the perfect expatriate health insurance plan for those who want coverage for a variety of medical services, but are seeking to lessen their premium costs according to their requirements.
Reside Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan is perfect for International Citizens residing in overseas nations who desire the elasticity to travel without loss of insurance coverage. Reside worldwide Insurance works very well for Missionaries, as it is a reasonable insurance solution while spending years abroad. This plan is also ideal for foreigners who do not travel, but prefer security and flexibility of a worldwide insurance plan administered in the United States.
Reside Prime Insurance offers health insurance benefits to overseas travelers, expatriates and international citizens by following the benefit plans of a US medical program. Specified amounts are payable to certain treatments only.
Global Citizen Insurance is a best worldwide long-term major medical health insurance policy. This policy is annual, renewable policy which covers for medical expenses inside and outside the US.
Citizen Secure Plan provides long-term international health and term life insurance coverage for overseas travelers.
Citizen Secure Economy is an affordable plan is specially designed to meet the requirements of citizens of all the countries.
Patriot Executive Plan is designed for both US and Non-US citizens under the age of 76. The insured can frequently travel outside of America throughout the year.
Compare Global Health Insurance:- benefits of different plans and buy the best policy that matches your requirements. Online Global Health Insurance Online purchase of global medical insurance is advisable. You can easily access different Global medical insurance quotes by several insurers (Free of cost). You can purchase the plan of your choice quickly and conveniently. Added to this, online purchase of worldwide medical insurance is time saving, productive and green.

Three Ways to Reduce Car Insurance Costs

What is one thing most of us will have to pay for every year, excluding our cars and homes? It is our insurance bills. Car insurance can get expensive, especially when you consider how long you will ultimately be paying for it. It is very likely you may be paying for insurance your entire life and just think how even the smallest of savings can add up over time.
This is why it is imperative to save all the money you can on your car insurance. You can really save a lot of money over time on your car insurance. Listed below are three of the most popular ways to reduce car insurance costs:
Know what your deductible is and make it as high as you can afford to. It is surprising how many people do even know what the amount of their car insurance deductible is until they file a claim. One of the best ways to reduce the amount of your car insurance is to raise your deductible as high as you afford to.
Learn what the discounts are for your car insurance to decrease. There are many small things you can do to decrease the amount you pay for your car insurance and it is very likely that your agent will be the best way for you to learn what these are. Insurance agents are extremely educated when it comes to insurance and their assistance can drastically reduce insurance costs.
Maintain an excellent driving record. This means accident free and ticket free. The better your driving record is the less you will have to pay for your car insurance. This is of extreme importance to anyone that pays for car insurance. By just having one accident, it can drive your insurance cost way up quickly.
Do your research on how to additionally reduce insurance costs and you may be amazed at how much money you can save.

Life Insurance Explained

Getting a life insurance policy is not something that you will be doing for your own benefit. A life insurance policy will pay out in the event of your death and will help your family to cover the costs of your funeral in addition to hopefully leaving them free from debt. You can incorporate into your policy that on your death your loved ones will be left a sum of money too to help them out, or if you wanted you could get a policy which will pay them a monthly sum for a certain period of time. All of this will help you sleep soundly knowing that you have properly arranged for secure financial help for your family in the event of your death.
Choosing the ideal life insurance policy for you can be quite complicated. Most people do not fully understand the ins and outs of these confusing policies. Term life insurance is a policy which requires you to pay a fixed amount for a specified period of time. This could be terms such as 20 or 30 years depending upon your requirements and your age at the time you take out the policy. You pay the agreed premiums every week or month and the insurance company will pay out the specified amount if you should die within that period of time. If however, the term expires before you die, the policy is over and you are no longer covered. The customer can choose to continue cover once the policy has ended but the premiums payable will no longer be fixed at the previous rate and chances are that they will increase as the customer is now that much older. Term insurance is considered one of the less expensive ways to get a considerable death benefit.
Many people with term life insurance policies were not happy that they could be paying out premiums for years and unless they died, they would have nothing to show for it. Because of this, insurance companies began offering a new form of life insurance called Whole Life Insurance. These policies are designed to be like term life insurance policies in that they consisted of level premiums but they are usually higher than those paid into a term life policy. The difference in these policies is that the customer would also be paying into a cash reserve which would be payable at the age of around 95 or 100. If the customer had not died before then, the cash reserve would be equal to the amount payable on death.
Whichever life insurance policy you choose, it is important to fully research the package you are purchasing and the company that you are purchasing it from.

Mortgage Life Insurance

Getting a mortgage to buy your dream home is a big responsibility. A mortgage payment can be a huge expense and you should really think long and hard before you decide to borrow this money. You will have to be relatively confident that you can meet your repayments for the life of the mortgage or you will be at risk of losing your home. A mortgage life insurance policy can take away the worry and can give you some assurance that if anything was to happen to you, that your mortgage repayments would be met.
Most lending institutions these days insist on mortgage life insurance being taken out as part of the terms and conditions of you getting the mortgage. This is great but are you covered for all eventualities? A lot of people will look for life insurance as well as terminal illness cover but what most people fail to include in their mortgage life insurance policy is critical illness cover.
Mortgage life insurance is an essential policy which will provide for your dependants in the event of your death. If you have a mortgage and you were to die suddenly, would you want your dependants to have to cope with trying to pay off this mortgage on top of everything else? There are many companies out there who will explain which is the best deal for you in order to make sure that your loved ones do not have the extra burden of trying to pay a mortgage after you have gone. Plus you can be safe in the knowledge that they will not have to sell the family home to cover any repayments that they simply cannot meet.
So if you are looking for mortgage life insurance make sure you choose a policy that covers all eventualities. It may be more expensive than a regular policy but at least you will not have to worry about that extra financial burden if anything were to happen which would incapacitate you. You do not need that extra worry along with taking on the huge responsibility of paying a monthly mortgage payment.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Loan And Loan Payment Protection Insurance!

If you have applied for a loan and are unaware of the repercussions of non payment of loan due to an economic down turn, loss of job, you are not in a position to work, crippled due to an accident or are chronically ill. Understand the after effects of non payment of loan, incase of a secured loan you may lose your collateral, face creditor’s harassment and further court proceedings.
When the economy is sluggish, there is a greater chance of you falling prey to the harassment of creditor. You cannot foresee your job’s stability hence you must make provisions for the regular payment of your mortgage installments. You are protected against any kind of risk related to non payment of mortgage which may arise due top loss of job, sickness, accident or any other situation where in you are out of work.
Gain peace of mind even in a crisis situation. You will not face any lose roof on your head when you are out of job. You must assess how does this help you and for whom it is applicable. It is applicable to those who are employed and does not apply to those who are self employed, unemployed or are retired. Is there any possibility of you remaining unemployed for long time? If yes, you can opt for it not other wise. Getting a protection plan with your mortgage lender is wise move if he offers your better premium on insurance. Carefully plan your mortgage payments so that you are not at any loss. This will also help you obtain cheap protection policy to safe guard your payments. By the word ‘cheap’ it does not mean you get poor quality protection insurance. It implies that your insurance policy will be offered to you at low rate.
Make sure that you don’t end up doing any of the below:
-Pay an expensive insurance when it is sold at a better rate else where.
-Getting an insurance when it is not required to you at all – no probability of you staying away from job for long.
-Opting for a policy when you are self employed, retired or unemployed, it will not help you.
It is only meant for employed people who apply for a mortgage or any other borrowing of funds from a lender or a bank. This will help you to fight your bad economic situation. Take out a policy carefully!

What Do You Do When Mortgage Rates Are High And You’re Unable To Pay?

Always keep your mortgage rates flat or fixed. As you will be unable to pay your mortgage if it is at an adjustable rate, and the loan market has gone high and you have lost your job. You will not be able to tide over such a crisis situation. Keeping it fixed will let you take advantage of the stability in loan rate. In case you feel you are getting loans at a better rate, you can then switch over to an adjustable mortgage or apply for a refinance mortgage to enjoy the current low rates.
Even if you think you can afford a shorter duration loan say, 15 year you must not opt for it. Instead go for a 30 year loan as you can pay twice the loan amount when you can afford to pay and cover up the repayment amount soon. Thus, you will not face any risk of paying it off within a short term when you have lost your job or faced a financial crisis. One has seen loan rates go high and then fall back after a credit crunch. It has dropped down to 0.5% in the recent days. Therefore, it is unpredictable what the loan rates can be in future. Learn how to act wise what ever the situation is, you should know to quickly refinance your loan at low rate when you realize that you are paying high on your loans.
Consolidating different loans is also an option to win better rates on your funds. Instead of paying back multiple loans you deal with all your multiple ones with one big loan at better loan rate. Make use of your equity if it has gained an increase in equity value ever since it was last used. Economists foresee that loans will begin to march up from the middle of next year according to reports 17th october 2009. Your loan rates are also based on other factors such as your financial status, the financial company you opt for and of course the collateral or security you are offering against the loan amount.
Consider the repercussions of not paying on time. If you are not on time to pay back the loan installment then lender can seize your home. One fine morning you become homeless. This dangerous possibility is decreased with the help of mortgage refinance. Replace high adjustable rate mortgage with fixed rate mortgage refinance for better rates on loans. Remember that owning a home is a dream but losing it is a nightmare in itself.